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Wedding Celebrations at Sea

Personal │ Intimate │ Memorable

charter your dream wedding celebration

Discover the essence of Maine with Casco Bay Custom Charters, your gateway to unparalleled maritime celebrations. Our vintage, Maine-built wooden vessels offer a canvas for your imagination, set against the majestic coastal vistas of Casco Bay.

Tailored to You

Your event, whether an intimate elopement or a grand celebration, is crafted to perfection. Accommodating 2 to 16 guests, each charter promises a unique blend of Maine’s authentic charm and personalized luxury.

Experience Excellence

Under the skilled guidance of our experienced captain and dedicated steward, enjoy all-inclusive services including bubbly and craft beverages. Our commitment to excellence ensures your special moments are seamless and memorable.

Customization at Its Best

From licensed officiants and gourmet catering to exclusive dinners on the water, our customizable options are designed to elevate your celebration. Signature cocktails and bespoke itineraries add a personal touch to your authentic Maine experience.

a woman cutting a wedding cake


Embrace the romance of Maine with our Private Island Elopement Package at Fortland. Tailored for couples seeking an intimate ceremony amidst natural splendor, this package offers an exclusive escape to Fortland’s serene beauty. 

Begin your journey with a scenic cruise around Casco Bay, setting the stage for your unforgettable vows. Our package includes a two-hour ceremony in either a waterfront or rustic bastion setting, complete with Maine-crafted arbor and seating for up to 16 guests. Enhance your celebration with a dockside cocktail hour, and optional local catering to toast to your new beginning. Additional transportation for larger parties is available, ensuring every detail is handled with care.


Set sail on a romantic journey with Casco Bay Custom Charters, where every ‘Yes’ and ‘I Do’ is celebrated amidst the serene beauty of the sea. Our intimate boat weddings and picturesque proposals offer a unique blend of adventure and elegance, perfectly tailored for your special moment. With an ordained captain to officiate and personal stewards for exceptional service, we ensure your engagement or wedding at sea is nothing short of extraordinary.

Proud of our decade-long history of facilitating surprise proposals and engagement parties, we celebrate a 100% “I Do” rate, making every moment unforgettable for couples who choose the sea as their witness. With us, your wedding or proposal at sea is not just an event—it’s a truly memorable wedding experience. Let us help you create a unique celebration that perfectly captures your love story.


A pre-wedding celebration with Casco Bay Custom Charters transforms private boat cruises into cherished memories. Experience the best of Portland with our exclusive boat tours, featuring scenic lighthouse views, breathtaking sunset vistas, and an authentically Maine ambiance. Whether seeking a serene day on the water or an unforgettable party, our vintage fleet offers the perfect backdrop for any mood.

Elevate your bachelor or bachelorette party with lively or laid-back celebrations tailored to your preference. Immerse in the moment with locally crafted drinks, custom catering, and our signature all-inclusive drinks package for groups of 7 or more. 

Departing from Custom House Wharf in the vibrant Old Port, our prime location invites you to extend your festivities. Wander down after a night out for a bottomless mimosa brunch charter or continue the party downtown, seamlessly blending relaxation and revelry for the ultimate pre-wedding event.


Transform rehearsal dinners and special gatherings into unforgettable occasions with Casco Bay Custom Charters. Partnering with Pepperell Provisions for exquisite catering or an onboard private chef experience, and Charcutermarie for delightful light meals and snacks, we offer locally sourced, seasonal menus that elevate any celebration. Indulge in local craft beers, an extensive wine list, and select fine wines from Devenish Wines, ensuring every sip complements the scenic beauty of Maine’s coastline. Our commitment to quality and local flavors promises an unmatched dining experience on the water.


Embark on a journey where love meets the timeless allure of the sea with a coastal engagement photoshoot. Aboard our vintage wooden boats, the ocean becomes a canvas for your love story, echoing the depth and vastness of your connection. Maine’s coast offers not just a backdrop but a narrative of enduring beauty and adventure, perfect for couples seeking to anchor their memories in a setting as extraordinary as their bond.

We invite you to bring your chosen photographer aboard to capture these moments, where every snapshot is a treasure, set against the breathtaking vistas of Maine’s rugged coastline. While we don’t provide photography services directly, we’re happy to guide you towards our network of preferred local vendors for all your wedding needs.


Navigate the waters to your island wedding destination with elegance and ease aboard Casco Bay Custom Charters. Our fleet, designed for up to 16 guests, ensures your journey to Maine’s secluded islands—like Peaks, House, and Chebeague, among others—is as memorable as the ceremony itself.

Opt for our flagship vessel, MONHEGAN, for VIP treatment, offering a sophisticated voyage for up to 6 guests. For larger celebrations, our partnership with SeaPortland extends your options, accommodating up to 25 guests aboard their vessel the ELIZABETH GRACE with the same commitment to safety and style.

Experience seamless, stylish cross-harbor transportation that complements the splendor of your island nuptials. With Casco Bay Custom Charters, every detail of your transport is handled with precision, allowing you to soak in the beauty of Maine’s islands worry-free.