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Discover Maine’s Seafood: Chebeague Island Oyster Farm Tour

Explore the vibrant heart of Maine’s oyster aquaculture on a scenic boat tour. Experience firsthand the art of oyster farming at Chebeague Island Oyster Company, complete with fresh oyster tastings directly from the pristine waters of Casco Bay.

Quick Details

Up to 6 guests aboard MONHEGAN
3hrs Flat Rate
4hrs Flat Rate
7 - 16 guests aboard MARIE L
3hrs $610 + $135 / person
4hrs $870 + $135 / person

Discover Maine’s new favorite seafood, the oyster!

Depart from the bustling Old Port and cruise through the tranquil waters of Casco Bay on our historic wooden vessels, MONHEGAN or MARIE L. Your journey will take you past picturesque islands and historic landmarks, setting the perfect stage for an immersive educational experience at Chebeague Island Oyster Company. Learn from passionate farmers, delve into the intricacies of oyster cultivation, and discover why Maine’s aquaculture is celebrated worldwide.

  • Departure: From Portland’s Old Port, navigating through Portland Harbor.
  • Duration: Choose between a 3-hour focused farm tour or a 4-hour tour with extended sightseeing.
  • Inclusions: Educational tour, direct interaction with oyster farmers, and a tasting of fresh oysters.
  • Capacity: Up to 6 guests on MONHEGAN, up to 16 on MARIE L.
  • Additional Offerings: Option to purchase extra oysters at market rate during the tour.

Sustainable Aquaculture and Chebeague Island Oyster Company

Chebeague Island, a gem within Casco Bay, is not only noted for its scenic beauty but also for its contribution to Maine’s thriving aquaculture industry. At the Chebeague Island Oyster Company, sustainable practices and a deep respect for the environment go hand in hand with producing some of the finest oysters known for their distinctive flavor. This tour not only offers a taste of these exquisite oysters but also provides insight into the sustainable practices that make Maine seafood a benchmark for quality around the world.

Ready to taste Maine oysters?

Are you ready to taste the fresh, briny flavors of Maine’s finest oysters? Book your Chebeague Island Oyster Farm Tour today and dive into a world of maritime heritage and culinary delight. Contact us or call us at 207-205-5796 to reserve your spot. Experience a unique adventure that blends educational insights with culinary excellence.”